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The Faculty of Dentistry is recognized by the Royal COllege of Surgeons - Ireland, as a training center for the FFD and MFDS degrees.
In collaboration with the DGOI (German Dental Implant Society) and the Center of Studies - University of Jordan, The Faculty of Dentistry has established a clinical training diploma specialized in the field of dental implantology.
Some of the alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry are teachers in some prestigious universities in the world.
1. Dr. Faleh Al-Tamimi (Unversity of McGill).
2. Dr. Radi Al-Masri (University of McGill).
One of the members of the 16 Parliament of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Dr. Ahmad Al-SHagran, an alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry.
Three staff members of the Faculty of Dentistry have won the Distinguished Researcher Prize that is given by the University for distinguished researchers. The staff members are:
- Professor Zaid Baqain
- Dr Ameen Khraisat
- Dr Firas Alsolaihat


The UJ Faculty of Dentistry alumni, who have taken the final exam of the Arab Board of health specializations for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty, have all passed the exam successfully.


Twenty one doctors from several Arab countries have sat down to take exam, including four doctors who have completed the Higher Specialty Program in Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial from the University.


The four doctors have succeeded with 100% rate, noting that the exam's success rate is 67%.

The examination committee consisted of professors from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Jordan; the members of the committee have expressed their satisfaction and admiration for the facilities provided by the University to organize this exam.


The exam, which was held at the University and for the first time outside of the Syrian Arab Republic, in cooperation with the Department of Dentistry at the University of Jordan Hospital, qualifies the doctors to practice Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Specialty in most Arab countries.

Students of 4th and 5th years of hte faculty have actively participated in the creation of the Jordanian Association of Dental Students that represents dental students in the kingdom. The actual president (founding president) is Osama Afaneh, a 4th year student in the faculty.


Professor Ahmad Mohammad Hamdan is appointed as Assistant Editor for Angle Orthodontist, which is one of the most important scientific journals in the field of Orthodontics.

UJ’s Faculty of Dentistry has been recently recognized by the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) to have European standards in dental education, with a curriculum in agreement with EU guidelines (ADEE standards).  The recognition certificate was granted after the Faculty of Dentistry has completed a self-assessment of the curriculum followed by a comprehensive review by a team of peers from European centers of dental education.

ADEE, founded in 1975, has played an important role in this field by enhancing the quality of education, advancing the professional development of dental educators and supporting research in education and training of oral health personnel. 

This recognition marks three decades of the Faculty’s hard work and determination to excel, and will undoubtedly enhance its graduates employability and competitiveness for pursuing graduate studies in prestigious institutions worldwide.
Dr. Motasum Abu-Awwad is awarded the postgraduate prize for Excellence in clinical and academic achievement during the course of studies to the Degree in Clinical Dentistry from UCL Eastman Dental Institude.

​The School of Dentistry gained the global rank (142) according to the QS Ranking by Subject classification for the British QS Foundation.

Accordingly, The University of Jordan received a rating of three stars in the field of Internatioanl credits and classifcation of discplinces as the School of Dentistry obtained the global rank and The International Accreditation by ADEE


The Jordanian professor Ameen Khraisat has been selected by the President of Niigata University, Japan to receive “LIAISON PROFESSOR of Niigata University” for his contribution to the academic globalization of Niigata University by coordinating with Niigata University in terms of education, research, and student exchange activities.

Khraisat is a professor and first consultant in Prosthodontic, Implantology, and Tissue Regeneration at The University of Jordan had received his Ph.D. in Prosthodontics from Niigata University, Japan, and clinical fellowship in Implantology and Tissue Regeneration from Zurich University, Zurich, Switzerland.

The professor has published over than 80 research papers in first-class international scientific journal, an editor of many high impact-factor journals, and among the most highly cited researchers at the international level. 
Specializing in dental implant biomechanics, professor Khraisat has also an international- registered patency for a new dental implant/abutment design.

According to Niigata University, professor Khraisat great contributions in education, research, and international activities are highly appreciated by the president of Niigata University, professor Sugata Takahashi who confers the title of “LIAISON PROFESSOR of Niigata University” to professor Khraisat.