School of Dentistry

Improving Dental Healthcare By Forming Outstanding Dentists & Conducting Advanced Research

To Our Students...

Welcome to the School of Dentistry (SD) at the University of Jordan (UJ). The School, the oldest in Jordan was established after a Royal Decree in April 1982. Its mission is to graduate dental health care providers equipped with the knowledge and skills required to provide health care according to the highest standards.

The SDUJ brings together well renowned full time faculty, in addition to distinguished part time faculty from the various health care sectors in the country. The School is located in the heart of the health education village at the UJ, and in close proximity to Jordan University Hospital, where students practice. The SD nurtures interdisciplinary approach in education and patients’ care. The School is known regionally for it professional development programs in core topics in dentistry, dental education and advanced courses. Nationally, faculty and students have a significant impact on oral care provision in and around the area of Amman.

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