School's Strategy


A leading and influential faculty in the education and development of dental sciences, respected on the regional and international levels.


To graduate qualified dentists equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies required, by providing a learning, educational and research environment according to the highest quality standards in which contemporary learning and educational strategies are implemented and provision of dental laboratories and operatories equipped with the latest technologies, instruments and materials used in dental care. Additionally, to provide opportunities for practical training as well as continuing education and promote self learning skills and community service.

The faculty of dentistry seeks to maintain and enhance it's international reputation. The FD strives to provide good quality services through abiding by national and interantional standards.
1. Continuous development of the learning and teaching environment in order to nourish students' abilities and skills.
2. To build strong bridges between the faculty of dentistry and local community.
3. Enhance the oral health in the local community.
4. Encourage faculty members to get more involved in research by fostering a better research facilities and environment.

School of Dentistry
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