Fifth scientific evening for Continuing Medical Education Committee

The Continuing Medical Education Committee's fifth event was held at the University of Jordan in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abu Karaki, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry and headed by Prof. Dr. Maryam Al-Abdullah, on Monday, 28/5/2022.

This fifth scientific evening is part of a program that includes a series of lectures in dentistry for the academic year 2021/2022. This event included a lecture of two parts:
The first by Dr. Omar Karadsheh entitled:
Peri-implant diseases: diagnosis
And the second, by Dr. Khadija Al-Zoubi, entitled:
Peri-implant diseases: management
A large number of participants, including faculty members, graduates, dentists, and some undergraduate and master's students attended. The efforts of the Continuing Medical Education Committee and the Conferences Committee in the college will be unified to organize the annual college conference that is scheduled on Thursday, 23/6/2022.
The Continuing Medical Education Committee will return to its activities after the conference to hold valuable scientific lectures at the end of each month, in the belief of the college and its dean in the importance of community service and encouraging graduates and dentists to follow up on all that is new in their fields of specialization.
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