1/25/2012 3:04 PM
Najla Kasabreh

Sailing through years spent here & there took me back to my first lecture at the university, & I needed to clean up the dust all around to visualize those days, where back then, all of us were trying to  do what we thought as "a discovering to what always seemed a mystery" ,,, we were googling - but silently- the places,, the people,,, the classes, & pretending that we know everything.
Ironically, years have proved that we were googling through ourselves, enlightening our potentials, enriching our minds, & diving through libraries of knowledge. Yesterday we were holding graded cylinders, & here we are, holding handpieces & re-creating smiles & relief. Yesterday we were observers, wonderers, worriers,,, & here we are,, armed with knowledge & experience. Yesterday dentistry seemed a small word, but year after year, & Doctor after another glorified dentistry, & made us keen to glorify it with our ambition to science, ability to heal, & capability to change.
Today, we owe our university love & belonging,,, what seemed a little seed planted inside its soil, is now a huge oak tree, ready to give,,, to serve,,, to make a difference.