11/17/2011 1:00 PM
Fadi Numan

Sounds like an appropriate sentiment for the faculty of dentistry in the University of Jordan. Not a single educational program can offer as many benefits to student more than ours, and I say ours because I honestly do feel that I belong to this small community of students, doctors and supporting staff. The educational plan is carefully designed to offer a strong scientific base for other knowledge and skills to be obtained throughout the course.
Nearing the end of this journey, writing about it certainly makes one self-aware of what he has learned, and this sensation of self-awareness carries with it the satisfaction and joy of achievement. Remembering the first three years in the basic sciences, medical and dentistry faculties, how they moulded tough students who function under pressure and have the discipline of soldiers. This high standard of scientific input maintains throughout the fourth and fifth years, and is sided by the greater often forgotten aspects of education; character, respect, ethics and a sense of belonging. 
I would swear that I see the character of a leader in every dentistry student I know, the confidence they speak with has been built and supported by their teachers, doctors who praise the good we do, and correct the wrongs. The mutual respect between doctors, students and patients plays a major part in developing a whole set of essential social skills ranging from a simple comforting smile to easily dealing with conflicts, and strongly stress the ethical aspect of the practice, focusing on protecting the patients’ rights, and working for their own good.
I have experienced moments of failure and feeling overwhelmed with pressure, but such moments pass quickly and are forgotten without affecting the passion we feel towards our dear faculty, and the willingness of the doctors to teach and share, and that of the other students to help and support, force among all of them the sense of belonging, like you’re part of a team, except it’s not a sport, it’s all about drawing a smile.