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  • 05 - Feb
  • 2023

Scientific debate in dental implant

​The Committee for Continuing Dental Education at the School of Dentistry held a scientific debate  in dental implant as part of the activities that are free to attend for all dental professionals in Jordan. The second round  of debates which was held on Tuesday, 1/31 / 2023  and was held on the Zain Zinc platform for creativity in the King Hussein Complex in cooperation with Zain Company and Eijabi dental supplies company. This scientific evening spanned more than three hours and was attended by more than 150 dentists.  

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bustani, Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics and Dr. Omar Karadsheh , Chairman of the Department of Oral medicine and surgery and Periodontology.

At the beginning of the meeting, professor Zaid  Al-Bitar, Dean of the School of Dentistry, and Dr. Mohammad AL-Rabab'ah , Chairman of the Continuing Dental Education Committee, welcomed the attendees

Professor Al-Bitar shared the vision of the School  of Dentistry to communicate with dentists in all sectors and provide scientific and clinical education support , especially in the field of dental implantology. Albitar elaborated upon  school of dentistry's global reputation as a centre of excellence in dental implant education.

Dr. Al-Bustani spoke at the first part of the event about "Computer-guided dental implant therapy" which makes the dental implant surgery process highly predictable and reduces potential complications after the dental implant procedure.  While Dr. Karadsheh  devoted his section to talking about the bone grafts accompanying dental implants and the latest techniques and research in this field

Attendees expressed their gratitude for the various activities offered by the School of Dentistry and their appreciation for the efforts of the the University  of Jordan in the field of continuing dental education and interaction with the local community

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mohammad AL-Rabab'ah head of the Continuing Medical Education Committee, presented certificates to Dr. Al-Bustani and Dr. Karadsheh  in appreciation of their distinguished efforts.


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