Worshop by Dr Islam Abdel Rahim -Mastering Posterior Composites

The Continuing Dental  Education Committee at the School of Dentistry held a workshop presented by Dr. Islam Abdel Rahim ​On Thursday, 19-01-2023 entitled:

“ Mastering Posterior Composites"

The workshop was held at the School  of Dentistry at the University of Jordan

The course included two parts, theoretical and practical, covering all aspects that will ensure optimal results in the cosmetic fillings of the posterior teeth. It included an introduction to the latest materials and devices that can be used in this field.

The participating dentists trained on how to use Matrix bands for posterior composites as well as training in building those fillings in an elaborate manner that mimics the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

Dentists participating in the workshop praised the advanced level of this workshop.

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