Continuous Dental Education Committee lecutres by Dr. Alaa Sabra & Dr. Dina Taimeh

The Continuous Dental Education Committee at the school of dentistry / University of Jordan invites you to attend lectures entitled:  

 1) Titled:  Chronic Orofacial pain, an overview; Presented by: Dr. Dina Taimeh

2) Titled: The principles of biomimetics and its application in dentistry; Presented by: Dr. Alaa Sabra

Event Timing:

Monday,November 28,2022 ; at 6:00 pm - 8:00pm

Event Address:

King Abdullah II College of Information Technology - Ahmad Al-Lawzi Coliseum - University of Jordan

Contact us at:

(06) 5355000 (23557)

whatsApp: 0796076969

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(certificates + hours of medical education)

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