Scientific lectures program - July 2022
Committee of Continuing Medical Education - School of Dentistry – University of Jordan The committee invites you to attend two lectures on Monday, July 25, 2022 From 7- 9 pm, at Ahmed Al-Lozy Amphitheater / King Abdullah II School of Inforamation Technology
(1) The first lecture presented by Prof. Ashraf Abu Karaky, titled:
Cystic lesions of the jaws: differential diagnosis and management.
(2) The second lecture presented by Dr. Sanaa Aljamani, titled:
Pain management in endodontic
To register for these lectures through the link:
Continuous medical education certificates and hours
For inquiries
Phone (Yasmeen Ashouri 5355000 06 sub 23557)
              Saleh Massad (whatsapp  0796076969)
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