Endodontic materials I
Dr. Hammad
1 hour
Endodontic materials II
Dr. Hammad
1 hour
Dental casting alloys I
Dr AL-Rabab ah
1 hour
Dental casting alloys II
Dr AL- Rabab’ah
1 hour
Dental Ceramics I
Dr AL- Rabab’ah
1 hour
Dental ceramics II
Dr AL- Rabab’ah
1 hour
New development in dental materials
Prof. Ameen
1 hour
Biological consideration for Dental
Prof. Ameen
1 hour
Lecture attendance is obligatory. The handout and recommended textbook are not
comprehensive and additional material will be covered in lectures. Students are
responsible for all material covered in lectures. However, 15% allowed absence is
granted for students by the university law.
References & Reading Materials
Strongly recommended :
.Phillips' Science of Dental Materials, Anusavice, 11 edition, Elsevier
science USA 2003.
Dental Materials Journal; the corresponding articles will be provided by
course coordinator/instructor.
Expected Workload
On average students are expected to spend between 1to 2 hours per week on this
Concerns or complaints should be expressed in the first instance to the course
instructor. If no resolution is forthcoming then the issue should be brought to the
attention of the Department Chair and if still unresolved to the Dean. Questions
about the material covered in the lectures, notes on the content of the course, its
teaching and assessment methods can be also sent by e-mail or discussed directly
with the corresponding lecturer on their designated office hours.