Intended Learning Outcomes:
Successful completion of this module should lead to the following learning outcomes:
Students should gain essentials of basic knowledge and understanding of the
concepts, principles and theories related to contemporary dental materials
Students should be able to discuss and explain the interactions between
tooth structure and dental materials .
Students should be able to discuss and explain the concept and bonding to
tooth structure and dental materials.
Students should be able to have the necessary knowledge to discern the best
usage of dental materials in evidence based context.
Students should be able to understand and appreciate the biological
implications of restorative materials
A. Knowledge and Understanding:
Develop a wide range of back-ground knowledge and understanding of
dental materials.
Develop wide range knowledge and understanding of bonding systems,
ceramics , metals and metal alloys.
Have a comprehensive knowledge of endodontic materials.
Be able to discuss and explain the biological responses of local and systemic
tissues to biomaterials
Be able to discuss and explain the concepts of etch and rinse& self etching
B. Intellectual Skills:
Apply the knowledge of the basic sciences (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) to
the science of applied dental materials.
Understand and relate the properties and behavior of direct and indirect
restorative dental materials to actual clinical longevity.
Understand and appreciate the biological aspects of use of dental materials.
Integrate the knowledge and understanding of the esthetic, biological and
mechanical needs and consideration with the properties and limitations of
clinical dental material.
C. Subject-Specific Skills:
Ability to differentiate between etch-and-rinse and self etching bonding
Identify and explain the uses of different metal alloys in dental applications.
Identify the role of dental ceramics in restorative dentistry.